Installation and startup

To install FS Cabin Crew, just execute the installer and follow the instructions.

Enable autostart

If you want to execute FS Cabin Crew automatically every time that you start the simulator, execute the “ModuleInstaller” tool that can be downloaded from the Downloads section of this website. If you don’t do it, you will have to start FS Cabin Crew manually every time before starting the simulator.

Choose if you have the Windows Store or Steam version and click the “Enable autostart” button. It will update the simulator configuration automatically. In case that you want to disable autostart, just click on the disable button.

Starting your flight

In the main FS Cabin Crew 2020 window, you can configure the following settings:

  • Active crew: Choose the crew that you want to use during the flight. The available crews can be configured with the “crew configuration utility”.
  • Auto start/stop flight: If checked, the FS Cabin Crew flight will start automatically when clicking the keyboard key assigned to open/close the ATC window. Once you are inside the plane ready to start, just click and it will start. In any other case, the flight can be started/stopped manually by clicking the Start Flight / End Flight buttons.
  • Autodetect cruise with seat belt signs: If checked, FS Cabin Crew will determine that the flight is in the cruise phase when the pilot deactivates the fasten seat belt sign. However, we’ve found that even this works in almost all planes of FSX, in FS2020 default airliners the seat belt sign is not usable (since last update, the fasten seat belt sign is usable again). For cases where it doesn’t work, you can disable this check and define the altitude that will trigger the cruise phase (in feets).
  • Announcements volume: Use the slider to set the volume for the announcements.

Starting your flight

When you are at the gate with the plane ready to start, if you checked the “Auto start/stop of flight” option just press the keyboard key to show the ATC window (by default “Screen lock”, but it can be configured).

When you start a flight with FS Cabin Crew, your co-pilot will activate the parking brakes and turn on the fasten seat belt sign if they are not activated.

Flight phases

Your flight with FS Cabin Crew will have this flight phases:

  • On gate
  • Taxy to runway
  • Ascending
  • Curise
  • Descending
  • On ground
  • Arrived on gate

All flight phases are detected automatically. However, some of them require the pilot to do some actions:

  • When the plane is on the gate ready to start, the taxy to runway starts when the pilot releases the parking brakes
  • When the plane is ascending, the cruise starts when the pilot switch off the fasten seat belt sign switch or the plane reaches the defined cruise altitude (depending on the configuration)
  • When the plane is on ground at destination, the flight ends (arrived on gate) when the parking brakes are activated

Please be aware that default MSFS 2020 airliners doesn’t have a working switch button for the fasten seat belt sign, so defining the cruise altitude should be the best option

Ending the flight

The FS Cabin Crew flight will be ended automatically (and you can start a new one) when you land at the destination airport, there is a crash or you end the flight to come back to the main menu.

In case it’s needed, you can stop it manually by clicking the “End Flight” button from the FS Cabin Crew main window. From within the simulator, you can move to the FSCC window with ALT+TAB.

Managing crews

Please don’t forget to take a look at the managing crews manual too!